These rules were recently discussed at the last Captains meeting. 

6-2 - Specific Fouls

(a)   Before delivery a player should be standing on the mat with one or two feet fully on the mat. At the moment they deliver the jack or a bowl, the player should have all or part of one/or two feet on or above the mat or in the area directly behind the mat. The player’s foot should also be placed within the sides of the mat. The foot (any part) should not extend beyond the SIDE area of the mat After their release of the jack of bowl they may exit from the side/front or rear of mat. Putting a foot down outside the mat is acceptable only if the ball has been released on the mat. Coming off the front of the mat is acceptable providing the ball has left the player’s hand prior to coming off the front of the mat and the ball has hit the court surface and the release and coming off the front of the mat is not one continues motion.  If it cannot be determined if the ball was released prior to coming off the front of the mat a warning will be granted to the teams captain or referee. Thereafter coming off the front of the mat will not be allowed.  During the championship game warnings will only be allowed if both teams’ captains agree.  If a player is in violation of this rule prior to their release a warning should be give given.


(b)   Ref: (c) Coming off front of mat.


(c)     Foul-Line Fouls -  In both pointing and hitting, the players foot may extend over the foremost part of the mat providing the players foot lands on the mat.  The ENTIRE foot cannot extend beyond the front of the mat before the ball leaves the player's hand.  All fouls must be called by a team captain or referee as a result of witnessing the foul.  It is our policy that a warning will be granted a player after which penalties will be prescribed.   The penalty for committing a second foul-line foul will be removal of the ball from play. In addition, the team committing the foul cannot score points in that frame.




                        All measurements should be made from the inside dimensions of the bocce balls to the inside dimensions for the pallino.  Only an official or one representative from each team can measure a point.  A team representative has the right to measure after their ball has stopped.  The team that played their ball and now believe they have the point should measure the balls to determine who’s point. If both teams agree play should continue.  If they cannot agree the point can be measured by an outsider.  The outsider must be approved by both teams.  If after measuring they are unable to determine who has the point it will be declared a tie.  If both teams have balls remaining, the team that does not have the closest ball to the pallino rolls again.  If after all balls have been played, points are awarded based on the balls that are actually closest to the pallino in accord with the “Scoring” rule.


A team representative does not have to measure if they do not have any balls remaining and they do not have to agree if the opposing team takes a measurement still having balls.    The opposing team (team with remaining balls) has the right to measure at any time.  A measurement will be required after all balls have been played and it is necessary to measure for “Scoring”.


Non- Measurement

If the captain(s) calls point(s) or not having point without measuring the team captain (agreeing to non-measurement) not having point will continue rolling until either they have played all their balls or their ball is closest to the pill. 

A measurement can be taken if any of the original ball(s) or pill has moved from their original position or the new ball thrown appears to be closest to the pill. Balls & Pill that have not moved when measurement was not taken cannot be re-measured in order to determine “Scoring”. Points will be awarded as original agreed.

However if any of the new ball(s) moved ball(s) or pill that were originally called with our measuring can now be measured. A measurement should be made to determine points. 








                    1.THE FIELD OF PLAY------------------ 2

2.    THE BALL--------------------------- 3

3.    THE MAT --------------------------- 3

4.    BALL OUT OF PLAY – DEAD BALL ------ 4

5.    MATCH PLAY ------------------------ 5

6.    STANDINGS ------------------------- 5

7.    PLAYERS --------------------------- 5

8.    REFEREE---------------------------- 6

9.    THE CUE (PILL) -------------------- 6

                     9A.   THE CUE (Pill) Playoff Game  ------ 6

10.    STARTING TIME   -------------------- 7

11.    NO SHOW GAME -- -------------------- 7

12.    GAME DAY --------------------------- 7


14.    MEASURING A POINT ------------------ 8


16.    FOULS ----------------------------- 10

17.    PROTEST --------------------------- 11

18.    STOPPAGE OF PLAY ------------------ 11

19.    DISCIPLINING ACTION---------------- 11

20.    DISCIPLINARY SACTIONS-------------  11


22.    SCORE CARD ------------------------ 12

23.    FRANCHISE FEE --------------------- 12

24.    MEETINGS -------------------------- 13

25.    COMMITTEES ------------------------ 13

26.    ALL-STAR GAME --------------------- 13

27.    BOSS GAME ------------------------- 13

28.    WEEKLY DUES ----------------------- 14

29.    TROPHY  --------------------------- 14

30.    CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ----------------- 14

31.    PLAYOFF --------------------------- 14



                           Rhode Island Boccia League




Boccia, an ancient sport little known in the United States, has finally begun to take root in the American sports culture.  Boccia is a word stemming from the vulgar Latin, “Bottica”, a direct root of the Italian word “Boccia”.  Boccia was first documented in a 5200 B.C. painting of two boys playing, which was discovered by an English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, in an Egyptian tomb.


Boccia spread throughout Palestine and into Asia Minor.  In 600 B.C., Boccia was picked up by the Greeks and passed to the Romans.  It was played everywhere, from the churches and castles to the city streets.


Greek colonists brought Boccia with them to what is now modern Italy.  It became so popular that it was once again threatened with prohibition, as people who were playing Boccia in the streets were hitting the knees of the passing noblemen with Boccia balls.  Although unfortunate for the humbler people who played Boccia, this brought wide spread attention to the sport among Italian noblemen and Boccia immediately became a favorite pastime.


It was Giussepi Garibaldi, who, while unifying and nationalizing Italy, popularized the sport as it is known today.  Boccia frequently lost and gained popularity throughout the ages.  In 1896, during a resurgence of popularity, the first Boccia Olympiad was held in Athens, Greece. 


The popularity of Boccia in America has been on the rise.  There are more than 1,000,000 Boccia players in the United States today. In Rhode Island

ey have over 20 boccia teams that compete in their summer league RIBL. Some of the best boccia players in the USA play in this league.




The field shall be no less than 40 feet long and no less than 15 feet wide, except when given permission by the Boccia league and approved by the majority of the captains.


The foul line shall be no less than 18 inches from the sideboards and the backboards.



No fields shall be allowed to have angle boards.


All boccia courts must be clearly marked by paint on each side of the court.  The markings must be 18 inches and 60 inches on both sideboards on both ends from the backboard. The middle of the court must also be marked.





The playing field shall be cleared of all persons except the players of both teams and the referee during all games.


The playing field will be inspected prior to the first scheduled game.


The home team will water and roll their field just prior to the home game.  Fields should be maintained and kept in good condition during the season.




The home team must also furnish a complete matched set of boccia balls of regulation size.113 or 114mm.


The regulation bocce balls are size 113mm and 114mm only. Must use complete set of balls.


The regulation lead ball, the cue, shall be no less than 2 inches and no more than 2 1/2 inches in diameter.


Each team must have their balls marked.  Iron balls are prohibited in all league games.  The balls must be a matched set and cannot be changed during play for any reason (unless ball is broken).




The home team must furnish a rubber mat to be used for the starting point of each play. 


The mat shall be no more and no less than 36 inches in length

and 24 inches in width.


The mat shall not be placed less than 60 inches from the backboard or closer than 18 inches from the side boards.


At the start of a frame the mat will be placed on the 60-inch imaginary line. If a player places the mat over the 60 inch imaginary line or behind the 60-inch imaginary line, the mat will be moved to its proper place on the 60-inch line.  This can be done at any time during that frame.  The opposing captain should be notified of the mat movement.







of the Mat. 

On the 60” line.










Placement of the mat

60” from the back board

and 18”  out from the side board.









 Placement of

 Mat will be moved

 Up to the 60” line.







Placement of the mat must be

Located 18” from the side board

And on the 60” line












Any ball that has been disqualified.

A ball may be disqualified if:

(a)  it is the result of a penalty.  When a penalty is called balls must be put back in original spot prior to penalty.

(b)  it has gone out of the court

(c)  it has come in contact with a person, object or thing, which is out of the court.

(d)  It hits the top of the court boards.

(e)  It should be called prior to the ball re-entering the court


Any ball striking any person or object off the playing field

and returning on said field is declared a dead ball.


Any ball striking any object on the playing field and returning on said field is declared a dead ball.  A dead ball can be removed after it stops rolling.  All other balls must stay where they are regardless of them being moved by any other ball during that play

including a ball that left the field.


A dead ball must be removed from the playing field immediately.


Any ball that rolls on the top of any board is declared a dead ball. It should be called out when it happens. Not after it comes to a stop. If you do not see it you cannot call it.



The Captain or Coach who sees the violation will call it IMMEDIATLY.

If the pill is hit out of the playing field or rolls on the top of any board it is declared a dead ball.  The play must be restarted. The team that led off in that frame will retain the pill.



MATCH PLAY         LAW 5


In match play, four (4) persons shall constitute a team.

A match shall consist of 3 games.  Each game will consist of 12 points. The first team to 12 will be declared the winner.


In all match games a scorekeeper shall be appointed agreeable to both captains, and at the conclusion of the games, both captains and referee shall sign the score card.  The home team is responsible for sending the card to the publicity chairman.




Playoff Games.

A referee will be assigned by the league to referee the playoff game.


Each team shall play the games in accordance with the foregoing rules, and the team winning the greatest number of games at the close of the schedule shall be declared the champions.


In case of ties, the first tie breaker will be Head to Head season's results. The second tie breaker will be decided by a coin flip.   



All Team Rosters must be filed with the secretary of the league along with a filing fee of $3.00 per player.


Failing to do so, the team or teams will forfeit 3 games to their opponents until the said contracts are filed with the secretary of the league.


The captains have until the day prior to the scheduled 3 game of the season to register their players for his team, registration fee $3.00 per player.


All players must registered on their team form.  No nick - names will be allowed on any contract.  Any violation of this contract will be referred to the grievance committee for proper action.


Only players that have had their name on the team's roster turned in to the league by the third (3) game will be allowed to play.  Any team using an invalid player will forfeit those game(s). Once a player is registered with a team the player is not allowed to play for a different team during that season.


The captain of any team may withdraw any player in games while in progress, and the player withdrawn shall still be eligible to play at all time during that game.





Regular Season only. Both captains must agree on the choice of a referee before starting the games.  The referee shall take great care that the regulations and all rules of the game are strictly observed. A referee will be assigned by the league to all playoff games.


He shall be the judge of fair and unfair plays, and shall determine all disputes and differences, which may occur during the game.   Any player who shall continue to dispute the decision of the referee may be suspended for the rest of the game. When a referee is measuring a point all players including captains must move at least 10 feet from the measurement The referee does not have to show the captain(s) the measurement.  If a referee moves a ball during a measurement it is declared a tie. If players from a team become unruly or disorderly, or rowdy.  The referee has the authority to end the game. 




THE CUE (PILL) (Pallino) (Jack)   LAW 9


The visiting team will start the first frame by throwing the cue.


If the cue ball is thrown against the side boards or out of

the playing field, the cue will be thrown over again from the

same spot.


The player throwing the cue ball must throw it outside the 18-inch foul lines; if not it will be thrown over again.  After 3 tries, the opposing team will have three attempts to put the pill in play. Repeat if necessary.    


The cue must be initially thrown at least one half the length of the court for official play to begin.  If at any time the cue moves and sits less than 1/2 court the frame is declared over.  No points will be awarded.  Play will begin with the initial team throwing the cue. Any ball that ends up less than 1/2 is still in play and cannot be moved until the frame is over. 


In case one ball from each team is tied, the team creating the tie will throw until the tie is broken.


At completion of the first game the losing team of game #1 throws the cue.


At completion of the second game the losing team of game #2 throws the cue.


          The CUE (PILL) Pallino (Jack) Playoff Games  LAW 9A






Inner Division Playoffs, Visiting team will throw the cue first game.  Ref to Law for start of 2nd and 3rd game.


Championship Game, A flip of a coin will determine what team will start the first game. The team that wins the coin toss will start the game. Refer to Law 9 for start of 2nd & 3rd games.




All games shall be started between 7:30 P.M. and 8:00 P.M.



If any game is not started by 8:01 P.M., (TV time will be used to verify the time 8:01pm, 8:15pm & 8:30pm), the team causing the delay will forfeit 5 points when that game is played. If the game has not started by 8:15 P.M., the team causing the delay will forfeit 5 points towards the second game. If the game is still not started by 8:30 P.M., the team causing that delay will forfeit  all three games. If a team does not show nor have at least 4 players, the opposing team must wait until 8:30 P.M. before leaving the playing field.  Forfeit of all games will apply. A team can wait up until 8:00pm to play if they are missing players.


In a no show situation, the captain of the team that was on hand to play the games shall notify the secretary.


Captains can agree to start their game after 8:00pm without the awarding of points.  However, once the teams have the minimum number of player’s (4) they should start the game. The captains prior to game time must agree this to.



Any team not appearing for the first game of the season will be suspended from the league and shall forfeit the $25.00 franchise fee to the Rhode Island Boccia League treasury.


A $25.00 penalty is assessed for any no-show game. Any no-show game will be forfeited. The $25.00 penalty must be paid before the rescheduled game is played. 


If the team at fault has another no-show game at any other time during the season, they are automatically suspended from the league and lose their franchise fee.



All games are to be played on Wednesday/Thursday night of each week, In the case of inclement weather, players must call their captains to inquire      if they must report to the playing field.  The captains must contact each other to determine if the game will be played or canceled. .



Each team will assign one player to be the CAPTAIN of that game.  This person does not have to be the Captain of record.  This person is responsible to manage their team.  These players will agree to points and violations.   All other players participating in any game must not cross the centerline during play except for personal convenience.  Any player crossing the centerline may to become involved in the game by directing, suggesting plays, measuring, or any other capacity. During the course of the game,


During the course of a game, any player who has not thrown a ball cannot become a coach and cross the halfway line and return to throw the ball in the same frame  No player can go up to look at the balls thrown and then return to throw his ball. All players must sit on the half of the court from which play is coming from. Depending on the size/seating of the court area it is allowable for players to sit or stand beyond the half line.  However, at no time should they coach or give instructions as what should be done.



The captains or coaches (one person from each team) of both teams shall have the privilege of seeing a measurement. The captain or coach shall have the right to measure the balls if they do not agree with the referee or opposing teams measurement. If they do not agree to the called point after a measurement has been taken. They may ask for an independent measurement.  Both teams must agree on that person.  The results must be accepted.  Players from both teams including captains and coaches must leave the court and not be with 10 feet of the measurement. The referee does not have to re-measure if asked.


All players must stay at the starting point of play until all balls are measured and the points determined. The team that threw in for the point will measure when a challenge is made for point.


If the cue is moved or a ball is moved during a measurement the team that caused the ball to move will award the point of that measurement to the opposing team. If other balls have already been measured prior to the movement and the team that is measuring had the point. They will be awarded with the point.


Example: Team A wants to measure for point.  Team A takes a measurement of two balls. Team A’s ball is closer.  Team A also wants to measure for a second point. However, he moves the pill.  Team A is awarded only one point.


In case one ball from each team is tied, the team creating the tie will throw until the tie is broken. However, if after a measurement the balls remain at a tie and there are no balls remaining no points will be awarded that frame.  The team that led off in that frame will retain the pill.


Issue: If the ball causing the tie is moved and another ball from the team initially having the point creates a tie the opposing team will continue to throw until the tie is broken or they are out of balls.  


Note: If you have released all of your balls and the opposing team has ball(s) remaining you do not have to agree to the findings of a measurement until all of the opposing teams balls are released or they concede.




A player must have his front foot within the sides of the mat, but the heel of his front foot cannot extend over the front line of the mat. A player is allowed to (rest) his foot the back board. A player can release their ball from behind the mat.


1. A player in violation of this rule has committed a foul.

2. When a player is setting up to release a ball both feet must be located within the mat area. The mat area extends from the

front of the mat to the area directly behind the mat A player can release his ball from behind the mat.. A player in violation of this rule has committed a foul. At the time of release a foot may extend in the air only over the sides of the mat. This is not to be considered a foul. A player may also put their foot on the rear board.  A player may also release the ball from behind the mat as long as both his feet are within the mat area. 


Note: A foul can only be called by the coach or captain and the ball must have been put in play. It is the policy of the league that a warning be given first.  The captain should inform the opposing captain of the player violation. Only one person per team can call a foul.






Mat Area

 Includes mat

 and area directly       

 behind mat.           MAT AREA




















Both feet must be

Located within the              

Mat area.















The heel of the

Front foot does not

Extend beyond the mat.












Heel of foot

beyond mat = FOUL











Left Foot is off

The mat.










When a player is 

setting up to

release a ball

both feet must be

located within the

mat area located

directly behind   



When a player is on the mat his hand(s) cannot touch the ground in front of the mat during their release of the ball or after their release of the ball. However, he may be allowed to put his hand down to balance himself once the ball has been released. The distance should not extend 16” beyond the front of the mat.


3. A player in violation of this rule has committed a foul.


·         At times a player scuffs his fingers when he is in the process of releasing a ball. This not to be considered a foul.


Once the ball is released the player momentum is not allowed to carry his foot off the mat and onto the area in front of or side of the mat before the ball strikes the ground.



4. Any player taking his foot off the mat and placing it on the ground in front of the mat/or side before the ball strikes the ground has committed a foul.





In order to call a foul you must see the foul.

The Captain: the person designated to represent the team and decide on line-up, point scores, rulings and game calling for that night can call a foul. Only that person is allowed to call a foul.


The penalty for a foul is as follows:


The team committing the foul shall lose all points of that Frame, and the remaining players on that team shall continue playing to stop the other team from getting as many points as they can earn

during the remainder of that frame of play. In addition all balls must be put back in their original position.  The ball causing the foul must be removed from the field. The opposing team shall have as many points as they can earn during the remainder of the frame of play. Only one player can call a foul.  That person is the player who is calling the game. No Second player or captain of record call a foul. Only one person per team has the ability to call a foul.  I warning will be given for first offence.  The warning must be given to the opposing captain only.   



·         TYPES OF FOULS


Any player who throws 2 balls in the same frame of play will automatically award 4 points to the opposing team.


Foot Foul


     FOUL# 1, 2, 3 & 4




Any team wishing to protest a game must send $5.00 with the written protest to the secretary of the league. The team making the protest shall have the $5.00 refunded if they win the protest. If the protest is lost, the $5.00 is deposited in the league



All protests must be mailed to the President.


All games being played under protest must be completed.


Any captain protesting any game must make the protest on the field of play, and by notifying any officer within 24 hours of the game.






Any game stopped for any reason must be resumed at the score that was posted when the game was stopped. It is recommended that the score is written on a piece of paper and both captains sign it.



The disciplining of any team or teams violating any or all rules of the Rhode Island Boccia League will be left to the discretion of the league.




Any player involved in arguments causing physical contact, or verbal threats, may be suspended by the president for the remainder of the season.  The captains of the league may take further action and suspend the player for as long as they deem



Zero tolerance for acts or threats of violence.




Games should not be cancelled because a player(s) can not attend that game. If you have four players the game SHOULD be played.


If you need to cancel a game you should contact the opposing captain ASAP.  All cancellations should be done prior to 6:00pm night of game. If you cancel a game you forfeit 3 games. Unless weather related or problem with lights.  NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED IF THE GAME IS CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER or equipment problem. If it is raining or threats of rain both captains should be in contact with each other.  Just because it is raining in Cranston it does not mean it is raining in Providence.  If you assumed the game is cancelled due to rain when in fact you could have played, the team that did not show up with 4 players will forfeit.


Any team that does not play their scheduled game will forfeit those games. Any team that forfeits 3 or more games will be suspended from the league the following year.


Any team that does not have enough players to participate in games due to sickness or death can report to the league and the league will act accordingly.




The home team will be held responsible for the mailing of the score card.  Any score card not mailed on time, so as not to be received by Friday, will carry an automatic fine of $2.00.  The time of mailing will be determined by the post office postmark date. Must send in card for all forfeits.


Both captains must sign the scorecard.




A deposit of $25.00 for franchise fee will be placed with the Rhode Island Boccia League for any team that enters the league.  This money will be returned to the team when they decide to drop from the league, providing that the team has not forfeited it according to the rules and regulations of the Rhode Island Boccia





Any captain not attending a meeting, or sending a representative from his team, (a representative must be a registered player with a valid contract on file with the secretary) must abide by any decisions made at that meeting.  These decisions are binding on all captains and all team members. Failure to appear for a meeting is a $5.00 fine.


All captains or coaches are eligible to vote.  Each team is allowed one vote only.







The president shall have the power to appoint all committees except the grievance and rules committees. The captains of the league shall elect these committees.  The president is a member of all committees.


A grievance committee of 4 members shall be elected by the body at the first meeting of the year.  This committee will decide on all grievances presented to them and their decision shall be final.


The rules committee shall consist of 6 men elected by the captains.









ALL-STAR GAME: All names of team CAPTAINS will be placed in a hat or container. South captains in one and North captains in the other. The two All-Star captains names will be drawn out of that hat or container. One for the North and one for the South. Only captains who’s name was selected will be allowed to coach the game. f the Coach drawn can not attend or does not want to coach. A coach will be appointed by the President or Board Member(s).


All-Star teams shall be called the NORTH and SOUTH.  The captain of each team in the league will select 5 players from the pool of representative players to represent his team in the All-Star game. The game will be played with 5 players and 5 balls.  The first team reaching 12 points will win that game. . A second group of 5 different players will be selected to play the second game.  If a third game is necessary, the captains of the All-Star team will choose ANY 5 player from the pool of players selected from his division to play in that third game. The captains of the league teams will designate the place of the game.  All players selected to the All-Star game must play in at least one full game. 


A lump sum to defray the expenses of running the All-Star game will be given to the club where the All-Star game is played.  The league will determine this amount.





Upon completion of the weekly games, all players who participated in the game are obligated to play at least one boss game.  Any player throwing at least one ball in any of the three games is

obligated for the boss game. The boss fee is $3.00 each player. Minimum Boss game $15.00



Each registered player will pay the captain of his team $60.00 for each half. This money will be turned in to the league treasurer at the end of the first half of the season and again at the end of the season.  All money will be used for the Dinner-Dance to be held at the end of the season and for expenses in running the league.  Each member will be given 2 tickets for the Dinner-Dance. Any captain not turning in this money will not be given tickets for the Dinner-Dance nor can they receive any trophy, which they or their team has won.  No money can be given in place of tickets. Fee $120.  The league will attempt to re-sell tickets.




The teams finishing 1 - 6 in their respective division will receive a team trophy.  Each Division Champion will receive a team trophy and each player will receive a medallion. The RIBL Champion will receive a trophy, players a medallion and their team name and players names on the RIBL plaque.




In the championship game playoffs, the two teams that win their respective division championship shall each choose a field other than their own Field and place that name (if the club has more than one field they must also indicate the field)into a hat or container and a neutral person shall draw one club name where the league championship game will be played.  They are under no obligation to disclose the club/field.  However, if they wish to disclose the club/field they must enter that same name/field as their choice. No deception will be used.








The first six teams from each division, North & South make the playoffs. . See Playoff Brackets.  Tie Breakers as follows:

1. Head to Head, next

2. Least amount of forfeits given up, next

3. Flip a coin





If a team forfeits three matches during the season they will lose their slot in the following season.  If a team forfeits 4 matches during the a season they will be removed from the league. Standing will be adjusted going back to the first game of the season. All teams will be awarded three games (wins).




















ALL RAIN Cancellations must be made ASAP (within two weeks).  All cancelled rain games must be played within TWO (2) weeks or the game will be scheduled by the League President (except last game of season).


Once a rescheduled rain game date has been agreed to. Any team that is unable to play on the rescheduled date will forfeit those three games. The game cannot be rescheduled unless rain out.



Other Stupid Rules


Must wear shoes.  No bear feet

No texting while playing.

Playing Italian music allowed.


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